Intellectual property

Intellectual property

Intellectual property rights serve as a mean to protect immaterial creations of the human intellect. Creativity of the human mind is present in every aspect of modern-day life, hence it is imperative to offer adequate protection to those who create, as well as to their creations. Intellectual property rights, foremost patents, trademarks, designs and copyright, serve as efficient means of protection. By giving authors, inventors and entrepreneurs exclusive and time limited rights, intellectual property rights ease the burden of recouping their investment and R&D expenditure. IP rights therefore have a positive impact on innovation and creativity, whilst also increasing competition in the market.

Rapid advances in technology make the need for appropriate protection of intellectual property more important than ever. For several companies their intellectual property portfolios represent their main competitive advantage on the market. For that reason, we advise in the field of intellectual property and provide expert assistance in obtaining, managing and enforcing intellectual property rights for our clients.

Services we offer to our clients include:

  • registration, management and enforcement of trademarks and designs on national and international level;
  • consultancy and representation in the field of copyright;
  • comprehensive regulation of protection of access to undisclosed know-how and business information (trade secrets)

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