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Do you have debtors who refuse to pay? We developed an efficient and IT-supported system for management of judicial and pre-trial debt enforcement procedures.

Commercial law became one of the most extensive and wide-ranging branches of law through the process of economic and social development.

Most people have to deal with succession at least once in their lifetime.

Law of obligations is one of the most encountered legal fields. On a daily basis people assume various contractual obligations.

Property law governs the relationship between individuals with regard to things. Rights in rem have erga omnes effect, which means they oblige upon everyone.

Labour law regulates and sets out the scope of rights and obligations in employment relationships. It also addresses several other elements of employment relationship such as remuneration, working hours, entitlement to annual leave, etc.

Insolvency law deals with financial operations of legal entities, insolvency proceedings against natural and legal persons, and compulsory dissolution proceedings of legal entities.

Intellectual property rights protect immaterial creations of the human intellect. Creativity of the human mind is present in every aspect of modern-day life, hence it is imperative to offer adequate protection to those who create, as well as to their creations.

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