Law of succession

Law of succession

Law of succession is one of the oldest branches of law. Most people have to deal with succession at least once in their lifetime; hence it is a common belief that legal representation in succession is not needed. Technically, this is true, as the law does not impose an obligation for the heir to be represented by a lawyer. However, laypeople often do not possess either the knowledge, ability or time to efficiently assert their rights in succession. Besides that, the process of succession is emotionally draining for all that are involved, which can lead to imprudent behavior and emergence of conflicts. Therefore, the view that a lawyer is not needed with regards to succession often turns out to be erroneous.

Our expertise and longstanding experience makes Law office Urbanija the right place to turn to for legal advice or representation with regards to succession.

You can contact us for individual legal advice as well as full legal representation in succession, from beginning to end. We will guide you through the whole procedure and represent your interests with all due professional care.

We give legal advice and represent our clients in:

  • succession proceedings in court;
  • succession arrangements;
  • division of estate;
  • actions related to inheritance;
  • actions related to the scope of the estate;
  • actions regarding (in)validity of wills;
  • reserved shares;
  • administrator of the estate;
  • establishment of an inventory and valuation of the estate;
  • declarations of acceptance of an inheritance;
  • wills;
  • agreements on future successions;
  • mediation.

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