Debt enforcement

Debt enforcement

Do you have debtors who refuse to pay? Are you a debtor being unreasonably requested to pay? You came to the right place.

We have developed an efficient and IT-supported system for management of judicial and pre-trial enforcement procedures. We are able to handle a large number of enforcement procedures simultaneously, and for this reason, even clients with a large base of customers entrust us handling their debt enforcement procedures. We take a prudent approach towards debt enforcement: we minimise not only the costs of debt recovery for the creditor, but for the debtor as well. When we take over the debt enforcement from our client, their only responsibility becomes to inform us about cash inflows to their current account stemming from the debt enforcement procedure. We take care of everything else.

Our services:

  • sending out reminders for payment;
  • carrying out debt collection;
  • electronic filing of requests for enforcement;
  • legal representation before the court;
  • legal representation in hearings for seizure of assets;
  • filing appeals and objections;
  • filing applications for interim measures, preliminary injunctions, and applications to secure monetary claims;
  • carrying out inquiries for identification of the debtor’s assets;
  • filing claims to set aside debtor’s legal actions (actio Pauliana);
  • collaborating with detectives to identify debtors and their assets;
  • maintaining current accounts receivables.

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