About us

Urbanija Law Office

A reliable partner to resolve your legal matters!

Experience, personal approach, positive results

We have been providing legal advice and representing many companies, entrepreneurs, and individuals in Slovenia and abroad for over ten years.

We have successfully advised our clients in pursuing their legal interests and have represented them in various civil, non-litigious matters and mediation proceedings in court and before other national bodies and holders of public authorisations.

We are devoted and committed to helping our clients.

We adhere to strict moral principles

We serve all of our clients in a professional and sincere manner. We respect their confidentiality and strive for prompt and effective solutions to their legal issues.

Our clients always come first

Our first priority is to thoroughly understand the needs and expectations of our clients, who are always at the centre of our attention. We deal with all of our clients individually, focusing on their needs and doing our best to find the best solution to their legal issues, together with them.

An experienced team of attorneys and advisors

In order to effectively and comprehensively resolve our clients’ legal issues, at the Urbanija Law Office we have joined forces with experts in various fields.

Knowledge is power, and so in order to ensure excellent quality of our services we cooperate with our partner law offices, external legal advisors, finance and tax experts, and other professionals. Irrespective of the type of legal services our clients need, our highly trained and trustworthy advisors will always assist them at every stage of their business or private activities.

Which services do we provide?


We conduct debt collection procedures in court and represent debtors/creditors in enforcement proceedings. We always try to create optimum circumstances for out-of-court debt collection for our clients. Working with us is very cost-effective for our clients because the court in the debt collection procedures orders the debtor to settle our legal fees.

For our clients we:

  • File standard and electronic (Central Department for Authentic Documents, COVL) enforcement applications;
  • Prepare objections, appeals, and other legal remedies in enforcement proceeding;
  • File motions for interlocutory and priority injunctions and securities.



In order to avoid complications arising from inheritance, we ensure that our clients’ wishes are clearly and correctly expressed. We offer legal advice in inheritance matters and help our clients draft their wills, file creditors’ claims in probate proceedings, and represent our clients in probate matters.


Company law has become one of the most diverse fields of law. Due to its large scope and constant changes, even experienced businesspeople may feel confused when running a company. Young entrepreneurs, who are only starting their business careers, usually face even more difficulties.

We help and advise our clients with:

  • Incorporating and restructuring all types of companies;
  • Preparing, drafting, and amending memoranda of association, articles of association, and charters;
  • Increasing and reducing share capital;
  • Excluding members, and liquidating and winding up companies;
  • Representation in court.



We consult and help draft and verify all sorts of contracts (sales, gifts, exchanges, loans, etc.)


Real estate scandals in the past have led to legislation that is quite unclear to many laymen. Consequently, there have been a lot of unnecessary errors, and these can prove costly. At the Urbanija Law Office we represent private individuals and legal entities. We advise our clients and represent them in various lawsuits, as well as when purchasing, selling, or receiving real estate. We also advise clients in drafting and reviewing different types of contracts (purchase, rental, exchange, etc.) used in relation to real estate.


Our team is highly qualified in insolvency and bankruptcy law, and so we can provide our clients with legal opinions in insolvency proceedings, personal bankruptcy, registration of creditors’ claims, and forced settlement proceedings – and we can also represent you in bankruptcy and forced settlement proceedings.


Labour law is becoming an increasingly complex field of law, which requires knowledge of Slovenian, European, and international legislation and court practices. We represent both employees and employers, and we generally provide the following services to our clients:


  • Drafting general and individual documents;
  • Representation in disciplinary proceedings;
  • Advising when concluding agreements and resolving disputes;
  • Assistance in terminating employment;
  • Representation in labour disputes before the court.



We advise our clients in preparing and implementing all types of commercial agreements (sales, commissions, contracting, construction, transport, rent-to-own, brokerage and business relations, and more)


If complications arise with payment in cases of injuries and entitlement to damages, we advise our clients in exercising various sorts of claims for damages. We prepare and handle claims for damages against insurance companies, employees against employers, employers against employees, and any other claims for damages, and we represent our clients in court.


We represent our clients in proceedings before the National Review Commission, help them draft their review claims, and advise them in public procurement proceedings.